Designer Profile

Inspired by her own Chinese name ‘Ho-man’, the founder and designer Ms. Shirley Tsang, created the brand “Homanz”. Her Chinese name has a very special place in Shirley’s heart as it was given by her beloved grandmother. In Chinese, ‘Ho’ bears the meaning of Greatness and ‘Man’ symbolizes a cultivated person. The brand name ends with ‘Z’ which is a reversed alphabet of ‘S’, the beginning letter of ‘Shirley’.

Shirley has developed a strong interest in handbags since she was young, when she observed her dad working conscientiously in the production of handbags. Her father has 30 years of experience in handbag production and Shirley inherited her father’s passion, perseverance and professionalism in this industry. She completed the diploma of Fine Arts in Australia and obtained the bachelor degree of Fine Arts and Design in Canada. In order to broaden her horizon and knowledge, she worked in an advertising agency after graduation. Encouraged by her father, Shirley founded her own art workshop in 1999, but it was closed down during the economic crisis in 2003 when SARS epic occurred in Hong Kong.

Embraced with curiosity and enthusiasm towards handbag production and design, Shirley longed to work in her father’s factory at a very young age. However, Shirley’s father was concerned that working in factory would be too harsh for his daughter hence turned down her request. Yet this didn’t stop Shirley from pursuing her dream. In less than 4 weeks’ time, she used her own effort to make a unique and special wallet as a birthday present for her father. Shirley’s father was moved and finally granted her a chance to learn handbags manufacturing. Since then, Shirley started learning the business in her spare time after work and kept practicing her design techniques by making handbags as presents for her mother and friends. The gifts had gained her lots of credits and praise from her acquaintances. In 2006, full of passion and talent in stylish and fashionable design, Shirley created her own brand “Homanz”.

Design Concept

HOMANZ design is a blend between contemporary and classic style, simple outlook and timeless design, which unfolds the elegance and inner beauty of modern women. The core design concept revolves around the pleasure and satisfaction that modern women obtained in their daily lives. Her exclusive ‘ring pattern’ design symbolizes a ‘Perfect Life’ that every woman aspires, and exhibits the brand’s dedication in fulfilling the women’s need. Shirley hopes that every lady who uses her handbags can apprehend her inner joy and pride.

The first series of Homanz handbag was launched in Japan in 2006. Its delicate and trendy design has won the compliments from many Japanese ladies. In 2010, Shirley was invited by a famous Japanese Cosmetic “Mitsui” to design a collection of cosmetics bag. Meanwhile, MIKIMOTO Cosmetics collaborated with Homanz Bag in their VIP Premium Programme from 2010 to 2012. Shirley was invited to have interview and selling bags on QVC Japan.